EMI Sportswear’s Custom Branded Clothing Began with Hand-Drawn Images

EMI Stands for "Early Man Images"

What does "EMI" stand for? Founder and company president Russ Coburn started the company in 1985 as Early Man Images. With an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts and graduate studies in Archaeology, Russ combined his artistic talent with his personal interest in the prehistoric cultures of the Southwest, and hand-drew images that were eventually screen printed on t-shirts.

When the t-shirts proved to be a hit with his fellow archaeologists, Russ jumped in the ol' Chevy van and took off on Route 66 selling to trading posts and souvenir shops along the way. Over time, more territories opened up and embroidery was added to the mix. Now we sell all over the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and from Canada to the Caribbean!

EMI Sportswear started and continues to operate in beautiful Boulder, CO where Russ Coburn has lived most of his life. He and his wife LeeAnn Coburn are grateful to be able to work every day with each other and the cast of thousands that make up EMI. (That number actually includes all our employees, our wonderful customers, the tourists who buy their product, our own kids and a colony of rabbits happily inhabiting in the surrounding landscape.... We actually employ upwards of 70 people year-round and are extremely grateful for their contributions to our company!)

Mark Reaves joined the company as a partner in 2008 and serves as Executive VP of the company and is the Director of Marketing in charge of the sales team and new business development. Mark is a veteran of our industry with over 30 years experience.

Our Corporate Philosophy

We believe in being a positive part of the community, both locally and globally. This philosophy includes making decisions and taking actions that promote good stewardship of the earth and are environmentally aware in our office and production facilities. 

For more information about EMI Sportswear and how we can assist you, please contact our customer service group.