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EMI, Premium 51, and Pocket Monkey!

Souvenir Resort Clothing

EMI carries a well-selected line of Resort Apparel for Men, Women, Juniors and Kids. We offer a full line of sportswear for all ages and pursuits constructed with the latest styles and fabrics, sourced domestically and internationally. [PLEASE NOTE: We don't sell to individuals, only wholesale accounts, so if you have a question about a product you bought at a retail location, please call that store directly, or call our Customer Service team at 800-783-9806. Thanks!]

In late 2011, we introduced a HOT new brand called Premium 51, and continue to see great success in sell-through with that line! The first trade show of 2013 brought Pocket Monkey for kids to the market, follwed by Pocket Pals with even more critters to choose from. "You Always Have a Friend" with Pocket Pals! And our newest brand is a line called Let's Get Along, Friend. The designs and colors are upbeat, lively...friendly!

Why Our Customers Prefer Doing Business with EMI

    •    All printing, embroidery, post-production and shipping is done in-house from our facility in Boulder, CO. This ensures smooth communications between all our departments, resulting in better overall service for you.
    •    Sales and Customer Service work closely with each other and take pro-active measures to assure that our clients are happy with their orders and that all their needs are promptly and efficiently handled. Our business philosophy is client-centric and we try to approach everything we do with the customer’s best interest in mind.
    •    The owners are hands-on in the business, taking an active part every day.
    •    We are a primary vendor for numerous large concessionaires including – but not limited to – national parks, theme parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, airport stores, as well as national retail chains. But we also proudly and happily serve hundreds of small shops all over the country, working with them to get the best combination of variety, quality and price for their location.
    •    At EMI, we have an in-house art department experienced in creating designs suited to men, women, juniors, boys and girls. We specialize in art that’s specific to:
    ◦    Regions: southwest, northwest, coasts, mountains, etc.
    ◦    Activities: skiing, hiking rafting, surfing, gaming, etc.
    ◦    Destinations: zoos, aquariums, national parks, casinos, gift shops, etc.


    •    New Customers: EMI is a wholesale vendor and the prices shown in the catalogs reflect that. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer, please contact Mark Reaves, our Executive VP of Sales, by email or 800-783-9806 x216. We want you to know that customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we’re proud of our quality and service. We’d love to hear from you.

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*All apparel catalogs include hats

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